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8 Best Screenwriting Softwares For Writers


Did it ever happen to you while you are thinking about an idea for your movie, you get stuck? Yes, right? Well, it happens with almost all the writers. Its a common thing for the writers to get stuck while writing/thinking about the story and not knowing what to do next. This is commonly called the Writer’s block. You don’t have to panic when you have a ‘block’. Ideas will come at the right time, but you have to make sure that whatever idea that comes to your mind is written or documented so that you can develop it further or at a later time. This is when the Screenwriting softwares comes in picture and will ease your creative writing.

Lets together discuss whether to use a screenwriting software and what are the best screenwriting softwares that are reliable and will make your work interesting and easier.

What Is Screenwriting Software?

Screenwriting software is an application which helps a writer to make his writing process easier that is specialised for writing a screenplay. It will help you with screenplay format, shortcuts, scene numbering, production notes, etc. You can easily rearrange the scenes from your story and place them wherever you want. In short, it takes care of everything that is required for writing a screenplay and allows you to concentrate only on the creative part, i.e.developing your idea.

what is screenwriting software?

These days, technology has become an important part of our daily lives and we are trying to make best use of it everyday. Screenwriting has become very competitive today as there are thousands of stories written by the writers but only a few are produced. Screenwriting software isn’t necessary to make a good script but it will surely help you ease your writing process. Unlike the traditional writing style on paper, with screenwriting software or apps, you can instantly note down your ideas and even on the go. If you are a beginner struggling with the ideas, then you can definitely make use of screenwriting software that is easier for you to accomplish the goal.

There are numerous paid screenwriting softwares which makes your job easier. There are some good free screenwriting softwares too that you can surely rely on. So, its important for us to choose a right screenwriting app which not only has great features but is also compatible with the way of your writing. Here, I have chosen 10 software that I found quite helpful. There are other softwares for writing too which you can use, but these are the most popular among the writers and are widely used out there.

List Of 8 Best Screenwriting Softwares

  • Arc Studio Pro
  • FadeIn
  • Final Draft 10
  • Movie Magic Screenwriter
  • Highland
  • WriterDuet
  • Causality
  • StudioBinder

Arc Studio Pro Screenwriting Software

professional screenwriting software

Arc Studio Pro has one of the best Interfaces making it very easier to navigate. In the free version of the app, you can write 2 scripts only. However, you can delete the older project and start writing a new one. It has a smooth drag and drop feature and different colour coding system. You can easily organise your scenes and the history option will keep a track of the changes you do, so no information would be lost. The collaboration features are quite good allowing multiple writers to edit at the same time.

The Arc Studio is available in Windows and MAC format. It also has the browser version where you don’t have to download it. However, it only has the iOS version for phones.


Essentials Version (Advanced formatting, apps, unlimited scripts): $69/year
Pro Version(History, Outlining tools, Revision Management etc): $99/year

FadeIn Screenwriting Software

FadeIn app is one of the best free screenwriting software. The software supports multiple languages, tools for outlining, and is easy to rewrite. Its extensive formatting capabilities will automatically transition from the screen headings to action to dialogues as you type. It allows you to customise the theme or even create your own. The autocomplete features will minimise the typing time. You can easily generate industry standard script breakdowns, and production reports.

Fade In app is available for Windows, MAC and Linux Machines. You can also download the Android and iOS apps for your mobiles.


You can purchase the full version at $79.95.

Final Draft Screenwriting Software

screenwriting app

Final Draft is most popular and used by many Hollywood filmmakers too. It has over 300 screenplay templates. It was created in the year 1990 but still holds the top position in the industry. You can write and share the script across multiple platforms. Its major features include SmartType, Scriptnotes, Character Highlight. It has some good options like robust tagging and reporting tools.It gives over 100 templates and real-time collaboration.

Its available for Windows, MAC OS 10.7 (Lion) to 10.14 (Mojave). You can download an iOS app but there is no Android version.


The latest version Final Draft 12 is available at $199.

Movie Magic Screenwriter Software

Movie Magic Screenwriter software is one of the best selling in the market among the entertainment industry. It was introduced by Write Brothers Inc in 1996. If you are looking for a high-end and professional screenwriting software, then this is a great choice. It provides formats for films, television, books and comes with professionally authored templates. It has numerous features that lets you customise your screenplay making your editing seamless. It is considered the best app to work together with co-writers. It is very reliable and easy to use.

It is available in Windows and MAC versions only.


Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 is available at $169.00.

Highland Screenwriting Software

Highland screenwriting software was developed by John August with the goal of having writers focused more on the actual writing. The software works on Fountain file format which is compatible with many popular screenwriting softwares. It has one of the easy and fast writing apps. You can set targets and goals, it keeps track of everything. The revision mode with the colour system helps you better when you are passing on the drafts with others.

This software is available only for MAC devices


The professional version costs $49.99.

WriterDuet Screenwriting Software

WriterDuet is the most favourite for the writers who are looking for collaborative tools. It has some pretty good offline features too for free. You can write the first three scripts for free with no page limit. It’s a fully featured and modern screenwriting application.

It is available for Windows, MAC and Linux users. Its also available in Android and iOS format.


It costs $89 yearly and $11.99 per month.

Causality Screenwriting Software

free screenwriting software

Causality is one of the unique software and has a different approach than its counterparts. It helps you to visualise even complex stories and to develop it in macro level. It allows the user to plot timelines, develop characters, layers, and easily analyse all your events in the story. It helps the writer visualise the story, customise the display panel by just drag and drop. The night mode features look good.

You have the access to limited writing with the free version and only the paid version allows you to unlock all the features.Its available in Windows, MAC and Linux versions.


The pro version comes at $5.99/month and $279 for lifetime.

StudioBinder Screenwriting Software

StudioBinder Screenwriting software is one of the fastest and clean applications one could ever wish for. It has features like storyboard, shooting schedules, shot lists and lastly industry approved. You can focus on your writing instead of formatting.From writing down the first draft to the production, it takes care of everything.

There is a web based screenwriting software and doesn’t have a mobile version. In the free version you can create one project only.


The Indie version provides 10 projects at $29, Professional version allows upto 25 projects at $49 and Studio version at $99 has unlimited projects.

I hope the above information about the screenwriting softwares will help you choose the right ones for your requirement and make you a better writer.

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